How are computer hackers and predators a threat to my computer infrastructure? Computer hackers and predators mostly victimise others for their own gain, usually monetary. With access to the internet, and your computer, they pose a serious security threat to your systems. Hackers and predators are unauthorised users who break into your systems to steal, Read More

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All About I.T – By Graham East Our old phone network is gone. With the majority of Armidale homes and businesses now connected to the NBN and with the looming disconnection of the traditional copper network our community is in the process of migrating its phones to the NBN. Change is upon usĀ  For over Read More

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What is I.T.Alive and how does it work for home and business? I.T.Alive is a group of local, highly-skilled technology professionals able to assist people at home and in business to harness the power of the NBN, Cloud Com-puting and other new technologies. Our modern, Internet-connected world makes it possible for regional businesses to compete Read More

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Introduction Now that you have read the Introduction to Backup, the History of BackupĀ Devices, the Physical Backup and Cloud Backup, it’s now time to look at combining that knowledge to create a solid, cost effective backup strategy which will not only boost your productivity, but ensure that you can keep working during times of crisis. Read More

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Introduction Cloud Storage is a form of online backup, which as the name suggests, is a form of backup which is done online. Which means all you need is an internet connection, with appropriate software, and you can backup data to ‘The Cloud’. ‘The Cloud’, despite what some companies claim, has been around for a Read More

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The physical backup medium is always the first ‘go to’ in the world of backups for a number of great reasons. Some of these reasons are their great accessibility, affordability, and flexibility. A good backup plan will include at least two physical medium as part of the plan. But which backup medium should you use? Read More

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The following is not really necessary to know about backups, however we find that it can often make it easier to understand things, if you learn about it’s beginnings, and development. Punch Cards Punch cards were first used in the 1951 to input and externally store data, however were first invented in 1725 as a Read More

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Why backup? “6% of hard drives tend to fail in the first year” — Google Whenever we talk about backups with people, it’s most common that their response is a blank look, usually followed by many questions which lead us to believe that people generally think backups are unnecessary, and an extra expense which we Read More


NBN Co has been conducting testing on new Fibre To The Node (FTTN) technology in Umina, which is located on the Central Coast of New South Wales. And the tests have been promising, with the technology being able to hit 105Mbps download, and 45Mbps upload, which trumps the current FTTH (Fibre To The House) speeds Read More