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What is I.T.Alive and how does it work for home and business?

I.T.Alive is a group of local, highly-skilled technology professionals able to assist people at home and in business to harness the power of the NBN, Cloud Com-puting and other new technologies.

Our modern, Internet-connected world makes it possible for regional businesses to compete on the national and international stage in ways not previously possible. At I.T.Alive we seek to har-ness these new technologies, so that local busi-nesses can build a competitive advantage, boost their productivity and efficiency and broaden their reach. Our first major initiative has been to make it possible for businesses to protect their valuable data.

For home users we provide the simple-to-use, set-and-forget, LiveDataCentre that connects to their entertainment systems and automatically protects their valuable, personal data on phones, computers and tablets. Thanks to the NBN, data protection can now keep up with – and proudly display – all your family photos, videos and music.

I.T.Alive is built on a rich heritage of technical and innovative success. The business operates from the Old Masonic building opposite Central Park.

What is I.T.Alive’s background?

Graham and Barb East, the couple behind I.T.Alive, moved to Armidale in 1988 to develop New Horizons, an educational software business that quickly grew to be the largest supplier of educational software to Australian schools.
During the CD age we published over 60 multi-award-winning educational titles under our

EdAlive brand and shipped over 1,000,000 units both in Australia and around the world. In 2003 we won the NSW Premier’s Award for Export to the UK. Parents and teachers can now download our software from

I’ve also heard of ZooWhiz; how does it fit in?

In 2011 we launched ZooWhiz (www., a great fun curriculum-based online learning system designed to deliver state-of-the-art instructional material to children, parents and teachers around the world. ZooWhiz is a technical leader in this emerging field.

You must need a pretty serious team to manage this?

Our team is great; they’re talented, IT profes-sionals with incredible skills in business man-agement, software design and development, networking, hardware supply and maintenance, mobile technologies, graphic art, digital media, Internet communications, Cloud Computing, marketing and more. Every day is amazing; their diverse skill-set means they look at age-old prob-lems and constantly come up with innovative, “Wow! Why-didn’t-I-think-of-that?!” solutions.

Innovation seems to be central to I.T.Alive. What innovation awards has your team won?

Over the past three years our ability to in-novate has seen us win a raft of prestigious local awards including: 2013 Finalist – Excellence in Innovation – New England North West; 2012 Overall Winner – Northern Inland Innovation Award; and the 2011 Education Category Win-ner – Northern Inland Innovation Award. Sus-tained success and quality at this level is always a team effort.

Where did the idea for I.T.Alive come from?

Recently we have been approached for IT assistance by a number of local businesses that have recognised our expertise. Based on the success of these projects and the opportunities created by the NBN, we felt that it was time that we shared our capacity with the local community more accessible way. adding to the problem,

What does the NBN change?

With the NBN most people initially notice a pick up in web browsing speeds. Some start to view movies online. But after a few weeks, the snappy page refreshes become normal and people wonder what all the fuss has been about. The NBN enables so much more than that; it gives us the potential for things like affordable industry-standard data protection, and for businesses, new ways to connect with customers.

What is unique about the services offered by I.T.Alive?

We are local innovators with real-world experience in running a global education business. When we come to work with other locals, we do so from our own up-to-date implementation of the latest technologies. Yes, we are able to do a simple service on a PC, but we are most at home designing networks and bespoke email systems, building complex databases, authoring software for computers and mobile devices and connecting them all through the Internet. Our strength is working with others to find innovative, creative business and home computing solutions.

I understand that data backup is a major focus.

Protecting our digital lives is vital. Over the past few years, data has begun to multiply in our lives and its management and security is becoming a major issue, both personally and in business. Each time we take a digital photo or movie, create a document or scan a page we are adding to the problem, and up until now there hasn’t been a trustworthy, easy-to-use, cost-effective solution.

Currently most homes and businesses keep their valuable data on hard drives, but 30% of hard drives fail in the first 5 years and many more are lost, stolen or accidently damaged. A staggering 60% of businesses that completely

lose their data fail in 6 months, and at home, most of us can’t even bear to think about losing our photos or personal, digital memories. Compounding the problem, large corporations like Microsoft, Google and Apple are trying to tie us into their Cloud-based systems, often taking ownership and control of our data.

To address this problem, I.T.Alive has created a range of innovative, low cost solutions designed to harness the speed of the NBN and ensure your personal and business data need never be lost, can still be accessed anywhere, anytime, and remains owned and controlled by you.

Plans for the future?

We plan to offer data protection right across the country – particularly in a regional and rural context – but our first priority is empowering the people of Armidale to harness the potential of the Internet and the NBN, both at home and in business.

Thanks Graham East.