The Locals4Locals member management tool is an online SQL database with a HTML front end. The SQL database is accessed through a secure connection with encryption to protect client data.

The Database stores business data of current, past, and prospective members. Businesses can have multiple employees with the ability for one to be a Primary Contact who Locals4Locals can liaise with. Businesses can also have multiple Consumers which they can add with their permission. The Database also interacts with a powerful ITAlive hosted Mailing List, giving members and Locals4Locals Staff the ability to subscribe and unsubscribe Members and Employees from various mailing lists available. This gives members flexibility to be able to stay up to date with all things Locals4Locals.

Locals4Locals Staff can view all data, create new businesses, and supply user names and passwords for individual businesses to log in and maintain their data. Once logged in, a business can update their logo, and other contact information which is then populated to the Locals4Locals businesses directory. This enables members to ensure that their information in the directory is kept up to date to maximise their exposure to the Armidale community.


l4l portal display