Enable your online presence with a Multipage Website

It wasn’t that long ago that the emergence of the telephone radically changed the way in which businesses operated. Just as telephones changed the way in which consumers made buying decisions, the advent of the Internet is radically changing the seller buyer relationship.

With the development of advanced web technologies, it is now more than ever before easier and cheaper for a business to develop and maintain a fully customisable website that promotes their business and opens up whole new profit opportunities.

ITAlive can provide you with a Multipage Website that is a straightforward extension of your existing business. From your Multipage Website you can track online traffic, synchronize posts with social media including Facebook, and easily update your Multipage Website as your business changes over time.

Best of all, ITAlive will be there to help you every step of the way, so that your Multipage Website can become a natural part of the business you already know.

Following is an overview of the process we will use to develop, hand-over and roll-out your Multipage Website, as well as the information we need from you to make that happen quickly.

Your New Multipage Website

Clean. Fast. Secure. Easy to update, and using ‘industry best’ standards. That’s the core of your new Multipage Website. ITAlive can develop your Multipage Website, hand-over and train you on how to use it. Our skilled staff can develop everything from graphics, video, website content, website layouts to the advanced online marketing strategies with full social media integration. If you need further help in the future, we are only ever a phone call away.

Powerful Multipage Websites for Every Budget

We have three main types of Multipage Websites:

Web Basics

Web Basics provides businesses with an option to efficiently roll out a basic Multipage Website while still allowing for maximum functionality and expandability in the future. This enables businesses to get their critical information out on the web while at the same time allowing for future upgrades and changes.

Web Basics Includes:

  • 1 Multipage Website with up to 4 webpages
  • Google map locations
  • Contact Us form
  • Your business story/About Us page.

Business Essentials

Business Essentials includes all of the key functionality and training that enables you to take over, update and assess the effectiveness of your website in order to better reach and understand your market.

Business Essentials includes:

  • Social Media Integration and synchronization for Facebook.
  • 2 hours of Training so that you are fully able to customize and edit the website yourself.
  • Website Analytics
  • Blog functionality
  • Up to 2 x 30minute finalization reviews.
  • Up to 6 webpages
  • Editable website pages

Business Complete

Do it well, do it once is the idea behind Business Complete. Business Complete is designed to maximize your business opportunities by reaching the largest audience possible.

  • Social Media Integration and synchronization with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts.
  • Market tailored content with ITAlive’s Marketers (4 hours), with up to 2000 words of recommend content for up to 10 web pages.
  • SEO plugins, optimization and an SEO report.
  • Detailed Website Analytics
  • Online Marketing Guideline
  • Proposed Google Adwords campaign
  • Advanced security pack with 4 user accounts
  • 2 hours of content consulting
  • 4 hours of training which allows you to fully edit and customize your website.
  • Up to 10 web pages