Static One-Page Websites that work for Your Business

ITAlive will provide you with a cost-effective and professional looking one-page website that will help potential customers find and contact you, and from which you can connect with existing customers.

An ITAlive One-Page Website starts as a straightforward, static advertisement of your business and essential business information, and can optionally include social integration, Google registration, and in-browser, code-free content editing.

The domain name for your website (e.g. can also become your personalised email address (e.g., that you can either forward to your current email address or use as a stand-alone email account. Personalised email addresses are easier for your customers and suppliers to remember, and keep your brand constant across all business communication.

Following is an overview of the process we’ll use to develop, hand-over and roll-out your One-Page Website, and the information we need from you to make that happen quickly.

Your New One-Page Website

Clean. Fast. Secure. Contact numbers, business address and social information easily accessible to potential customers. That’s the core of your new One-Page Website.

ITAlive will develop your One-Page Website, hand-over and train you on how to use it (if you choose In-browser Content Editing or Social Integration). If you need further help after your website has been launched, we’re only ever a phone call away.